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THIS MONTH’S PARODY (May) How to get on in society by Sir John Betjeman

How To Get On In Society by Sir John Betjeman (1958) This delicious mockery of the nouveau-riche British middle-class is spot on. Betjeman has, it seems, made a note of all the pretentious vocabulary he has ever heard used by the likes of Mrs Bouquet and put them into the mouth of a (presumably) female […]

‘Viscious’ – vacuous viewing

There is a gap in the market for a sit-com about a couple of old queens. ‘Viscious’ has all the right ingredients: a failed actor and his long-term partner straight out of Grace Brothers’ department store (‘Suit you, sir’) living in a run-down, faded flat. For stereotype neighbours we¬†have a randy single lady of a […]