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Lost in Translation

One of the first CD booklets I wrote was at the behest of the late lamented Ted Perry. It was for volume 1 of a new series on his Hyperion label called The Romantic Piano Concerto (Piers Lane playing Moszkowski’s and Paderewski’s concertos). That was in 1991. I have written several others for Hyperion in […]

THIS MONTH’S PARODY (Oct 14) Summer is icumen in

SUMMER IS ICUMEN IN   Medieval (Middle English) lyrics (c.1250) Svmer is icumen in Lhude sing cuccu! Groweþ sed and bloweþ med and springþ þe wde nu. Sing cuccu! Awe bleteþ after lomb, lhouþ after calue cu, Bulluc sterteþ, bucke uerteþ. Murie sing cuccu! Cuccu, cuccu, Wel singes þu cuccu. ne swik þu nauer nu! […]

THIS MONTH’S PARODY (Sept 14) I never nurs’d a dear gazelle

THOMAS MOORE (1779-1852) Thomas Moore was an Irish poet, singer, songwriter, and entertainer, now best remembered for the lyrics of The Minstrel Boy and The Last Rose of Summer. He was responsible, with John Murray, for burning Lord Byron’s memoirs after his death Oh! Ever Thus, From Childhood’s Hour Oh! ever thus, from childhood’s hour, […]